Swedish 27 year old producer and multi-instrumentalist STRØM debuted with his single ”Mesmerize” earlier this year and quickly became a favorite topic on music blogs around the world. The track hit number 1 on Hype Machine two weeks in a row and the song was also used as the soundtrack for a BMW commercial, featuring Swedish pro surfer Freddie Meadows. 

STRØM is now back with his second single ”Shay-Ling”. A dark electronica pop track with funky lo-fi vibes and lyrics reminiscing the past. Heavy 808 kicks, dreamy falsetto vocals and slick disco guitars are all blended together, creating this piece of futuristic pop. 

According to STRØM, the ambition is to break away from musical structures, forming kind of a hybrid genre with no rules or fixed directions. He’s influenced by artists such as James Blake, Daniel Lanois & Jai Paul.